I like writing scripts. An ambition of mine is to work with companies, conceptualizing and scripting video content. I see a lot of room for innovation. Here are some examples of spec work I’ve done to learn the format:

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No pests…means no pesticides. 6-second script.

The Challenge - Can the average consumer get comfortable with the idea of their produce being grown indoors?

The Solution - A series of 6-second bumper ads, each suggesting a possibly unknown advantage of hydroponic farming. Here’s #1: it’s pesticide-free.

Insect block party, cut short. 6-second script.

The Challenge - There are a lot of choices when it comes to hiring an exterminator - how can we make our brand the first thought of every homeowner?

The Solution - I imagined what the insects do in our kitchens while they think no-one is watching.

Don’t use flat cola. 10-second script.

The Challenge - A relatively low price-point on a product might cause a consumer to doubt its quality - how can we alter this perception?

The Solution - I told the story of one college student’s desperate attempt at procuring a mixer for his bourbon - when he doesn’t even need it.

Home repair can be a drag. 15-second script.

The Challenge - A startup app that promises to make home repair simpler. How can we connect the product with its potential?

The Solution - Here’s a short story about the trials of home ownership. Most of us have been there.

A smarter way to solar energy. 30-second script.

The Challenge - The topic of renewable energy is increasingly present in the public consciousness - how can we show that your provider is ahead of the curve?

The Solution - It turns out your provider was responsible for outfitting one of the most cutting-edge stadiums in sports with solar paneling. Here’s how they did it.

Kids don’t always make sound financial decisions. 30-second script.

The Challenge - With new startups, it’s crucial to highlight an audience’s need for the product - can we do this memorably?

The Solution - Take a look at what might happen when your debit card falls into the hands of your 11 year-old daughter…two fully-grown horses show up in the driveway.

Shipping made accessible. 60-second script.

The Challenge - A local startup has a valuable product and a positive ethos - how can we spread the message amongst potential consumers?

The Solution - Here’s a small business-owner trying to realize his dream - a coffee roastery. And here’s how a new app helped.