this is a fictional blog about a recently laid-off IT systems technician who struggles to launch an underfunded and under-thought campaign for the Georgia State House of Representatives.

rubber chicken circuit - def. a monotonous round of dinners, often featuring chicken, that a lecturer or political candidate is obliged to attend.

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Decision to embark on political career has been met with universal disdain from family and friends. Roommate, Richard Wu, has reluctantly committed to serving as Campaign Strategist — under coercion (lease is in my name) and because he’s unemployed. Girlfriend, Lila, theorizing a manic episode. Offered to pay for therapy. Told her I’d think about it.


Long term: The Presidency. Short term: 57th District, Georgia State House of Representatives. Running Republican after flipping a coin. Qualifications… zero. Finances… also zero.

Lost job. Have consoled myself with thought that I wasn’t meant to spend life in IT. Epiphany — politics. Starting from bottom. Things will turn around.