I also like shooting the scripts I write. In the Spring, I graduated from an MFA Filmmaking program at UNC School of the Arts, where I learned the basics of digital video production. Here is an independent short film I wrote and directed that recently won Gold at the Spotlight Short Film Awards.

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After a breakup, a down-and-out misfit becomes obsessed with beating the lowest round at a local mini-golf course — in the process realizing his issues might run deeper than he thought…

Short Film; 13 min.; Wrote and Directed.


Shot over a weekend with a 4-person crew. Post-production completed over the following months. I wrote and pitched the idea to a producer, and together we executed the project. I was heavily involved in producing/locations, cinematography/shot-listing, and editing. I am proud of the work as a real-world application of principles and processes learned in film school.